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We at KTH AI Society strive to bridge the gap between our members and the industry. It’s quite simple, companies working for the solutions of tomorrow need the talent of today. So below we listed all relevant work opportunities for you to take on new challenges.

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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

🌍 Gilion, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

Full-time job

Company Overview

Gilion is a fintech startup aimed at revolutionizing company growth through the use of advanced machine learning and big data analytics. The company specializes in providing AI-powered insights and financial solutions, leveraging a unique and rapidly expanding dataset of company data.

Role Description

The Senior Machine Learning Engineer will join Gilion's AI-ML team, working on diverse and rich datasets directly sourced from customer systems. The role involves developing generalizable modeling solutions applicable across various company data and business models, encompassing all phases from data processing and prototyping to production.

Candidate Profile

  • Proficient in both the modeling and engineering aspects of Machine Learning solutions.
  • Experienced in managing ML projects end-to-end.
  • Technically skilled in the details and intricacies of ML models.
  • Updated on the latest ML advancements and trends.
  • Motivated by impact, with a drive to enhance business value continuously.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in product-centric teams or companies.
  • Knowledge of ML Systems design or software architecture.
  • Community engagement through blogs or articles.
  • Familiarity with unstructured and time-series data.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, VertexAI, MLOps, or software engineering.

Company Culture and Values

Founded in 2021 by experts in data, AI, and banking, Gilion values a great team culture fostered by a mix of experienced individuals and a startup mentality. The company encourages growth and offers a flexible work environment in Stockholm, balancing office time and remote work.